Monday, September 27, 2021

Ian Piexoto


Hello! I'm Ian Piexoto, a senior at West Salem High School. I've been a part of The Titan Spectator for about a year now and have focused on entertainment and humor related articles. As well as writing for the Titian Spectator, I enjoy writing in my free time. Most of my work consists of short stories, short films, and the occasional novel. Several of my short stories have been recognized through local writing contests, and I always strive to add my own unique flavor and originality to what I write.

War on the Home Front: Political Polarization in America

America is at war. Yet, we are no longer fighting with blades and bullets; we fight with misinformation and hostile language. We no longer fight on a distant battlefield; we...

Animus Part II: From the Depths

Art by Mackenzie Holman, 2021. The first thing Eitra noticed was the tentacles. She could see four of them. Each one slimy, red, and colossal in size. More deadly appendages...

Animus Part I: Through the Trees and Mist

Art by Mackenzie Holman, 2021. Eitra ran through the dense forest, tall grass and the occasional branch swiping her face as she passed. She ran as quickly as she could...