There was one person dead after it was all over. 

Who died?
What happened?

Here’s what we know…members of the Polk County Interagency Narcotics Team shot an armed man after he ran into the Goodwill on Wednesday after an undercover drug sting. Law enforcement say that they were following him as part of a narcotics investigation. When he ran into the Goodwill they followed him. Law enforcement then were shouting that he had a gun. One of the members on the narcotics team shot and killed him to protect the innocent people shopping and working inside of the Goodwill. 

Some of the customers and employees of Goodwill ran out of the store after they heard shots from a gun. Others were trapped inside

All the Goodwill employees were placed at other Goodwills to work until law enforcement was done with their investigation. 

Nearby schools had to change bus routes because the roads around the Goodwill were closed due to the investigation. 

All law enforcement, customers, and employees were safe and unharmed.

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