Located near the commons during both lunches you can find The Student Store, filled with spunky, joy-filled students ready to serve you! The Student Store is an excellent addition to the school, providing the students with cool West gear, yummy snacks, and great friends. Each week, there are different specials that are only available for a limited time, some being so popular they add them to the menu!

There are many food items within the student store, but according to the Student Store workers, the most popular is the Blue Raspberry slushies and the Hot Cheetos. Working in The Student Store is an exciting experience, but it’s also a learning opportunity. Working in the store gives students a peek into the world of business. The volunteers highly recommend that you take “Intro to Business” so you can have the opportunity to work in the store too, especially because West is the only school that has this class.

When being a worker at the student store, there are many duties you must accomplish. We were told by the workers that it takes about a whole period to set everything up. Each person is assigned to a different duty each day, so they recently adopted a new organization method. They have color coded papers that list their tasks for that specific day, so they know what their responsibilities are and whether they accomplished what they needed to for that session. We would like to share with you two pieces of advice that the workers want everyone to know. First of all, don’t steal from the student store because you will have to face the consequences (and they’re definitely not fun). Second, Scrubbing Bubbles are recommended by The Student Store staff, who are very appreciative of this product, as they have to clean the store with what they call “a wonderful cleaning device.” So next time you see the Student Store Staff make sure to thank them for all that they do! Their jobs aren’t as relaxed and easy as they may seem. Don’t forget to go follow their new instagram, with posts created by marketing students and ran by Maddie Labate, @titanoutpost. Content includes posts about current snack specials and updates on giveaways, etc.

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