If You’re Out There, by Katy Loutzenhiser, is a novel that came out in March that follows the story of a girl named Zan as she tries to cope with the grief of her best, and really only, friend, Priya, moving across the country. Before the move, Priya promised to email Zan every single day and constantly call her, but as the weeks go by without any contact, Zan gets more and more worried. Eventually, Zan meets the only person who will listen to her, Logan, the new kid in school. Logan helps Zan on her mission to save her friend from whatever she may or may not be facing.

This novel perfectly sums up how it feels to lose your best friend while also leaving you searching for clues as you join Zan and Logan in their quest. If You’re Out There is Katy Loutzenhiser’s debut novel, and I am very excited to see what she goes on to write in the future. Not only did this book keep me on my toes and shock me with the unexpected ending, it was also well written and unique. As somebody who has lost their fair share of friends, this book really resonated with me due to how accurate Zan’s reactions were to her situation. Between the friendships, the adventure, and the sarcasm, it was instantly one of my favorite books I’ve read in awhile, or possibly ever. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who likes realistic fiction, young adult, or mystery novels.

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