The rules for Homecoming and other school dances have been constantly revised over the years, making it slightly difficult to keep up with what the current rules are. Last year at West, we began the “wristband” rule. This rule entailed being given a colored wristband before you entered the dance, and if administrators found that your dancing was inappropriate or you were causing other problems, you’d get two warnings. The first warning would be that they’d cut your wristband off, and if you were caught again you’d be kicked out. This immediately became a school wide controversy due to the fact that many students didn’t want to worry about how dirty their dancing was or how they were behaving. The wristband rule backfired when certain students began to use getting their wristband cut off as a trophy. They would purposely make a scene in order to get their wristband cut off and were cheered on by their classmates if they were kicked out. By the time prom came around, a new rule had been added: a breathalyzer test. This was at random so not every student has to take a breathalyzer, but if you’re picked, then you’re taken to a separate room to be tested. Students were forewarned that the authorities would be present at prom, and if they failed the breathalyzer test, they risked getting into serious trouble. This year, new rules are required for the entire district. Students at West were given a dance agreement form on taking care of business day that the student and parent had to sign. On this form, you had to agree to be respectful and appropriate at the dances. If the student and parent did not sign this form, the student is not allowed to go to the dance (if you are a student and have yet to fill out a dance agreement form, they are located in the main office). This year there will be no wristbands, but if you are disruptive you will be kicked out of the dance. There will be a breathalyzer test too, just as prom had last year. Ultimately, West Salem and other Salem-Keizer public schools want to keep our dances safe. These precautions are meant to do just that. Make sure to attend West’s Homecoming,  A Night Under The Stars in Paris, on December 19th from 8-11pm. 

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