Lucy Jolivette is a very talented track and field athlete at west. Lucy has ran track her whole high school career at west. As a freshman she was already at the top of the leader boards. Lucy is all around very talented, considering her favorite event is the difficult 400 meter run. Out of high school she wants to run for U of O. She currently plans on running a couple years up at Lane Community college. Lucy has set some big goals for this upcoming season with plans to make a run at the state title. Lucy’s goal is to run a low 56 or high 55 in the 400  meter. Lucy’s biggest role model is the incredible female track athlete named Allyson Felix. Lucy’s is constantly striving for improvement. Lucy is the perfect image of how an outstanding track athlete should be. She is passionate and very inspiring, and has a great running form. Lucy has a great gift and it’s for certain that she’ll do great things with it.