There are only a few more days until Summer is finally here!! Some of us may not be as excited to leave friends behind, or maybe hanging out with them is all you plan to do. Here are some perspectives from each of the signs! As seen by an Aries.

Aries: Summer has been greatly anticipated. You can’t wait to get out there and experience everything that life has to offer. For some of you, it’s finally going to that summer job and getting to spend your own hard earned money. Or maybe an out of country trip, or pool parties everyday. In whatever way you plan to spend it, you’ll always be the life of the party!!

Taurus: You guys are just as excited as Aries, but you guys are on the opposite spectrum of what fun is for you. Netflix and a good bucket of popcorn and Ice cream is out there calling your name and you just can’t wait to relax on the sofa at home.

Gemini: Two perspectives as always for y’all. One part of you knows that there is business and work to be done. Which is understandable, money is good to have when we are all close to getting ready for college. The other part of you? You are pumped for parties, pools, and popsicles!! You’re most likely making a detailed schedule for yourself so that you can get the best out of both worlds.

Cancer: Of course, you’re making extensive calendars planning out each day that you’re available to hang out with your besties. You have always hated the idea of losing friends, so you’re making sure that they’re all available so that you have a million memories to look back on when you go back to school, or off to college. Or wherever you’re going.

Leo: You guys are ready for fun, sun, and pretty much anything that even sightly has to do with summer. You ruling astronomical figure, the sun, is what you live for. You’ve already got that tan working for you, now y’all can go out and work it!

Virgo: Summer time is productivity time for you. Nuff said.

Libra: Kinda like Gemini, but you guys like to have balance. You’re well aware that summer is meant for both fun and relaxation. Sounds like a spa day at the mall would be where to find you! Or an action movie at the theater!

Scorpio: Everyone knows that Oregon doesn’t get much sun, but during the summer time, it has its moments. As a water sign, you can’t wait for the hottest days to come around and hit the beach!!

Sagittarius: ARE YOU EVEN CAPABLE OF HOLDING STILL!!!!!?????? Not in a bad way, but some serenity doesn’t hurt.

Capricorn: Unlike the others, you don’t really know what to do with your summer. Unless you’re a senior. In which case, y’all are really busy getting things together for college and/or work.

Aquarius: Everyone associates you with your own sign, the water bearer. So they think that you’re going to the beach 24/7 right? Wrong. Sure the beach is nice, but sometimes, a relaxing day in town and shopping sounds fabulous.

Pisces: If anyone wants to spend their day out and about among the flowers and horses and all the pastel colors, its you guys. Ultimate aesthetics for the summer time is the main goal in everything you do.

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