A lot of good memories are found within the comfort of good friends and family. Some memories are meant to stay with you forever and be cherished. West Salem High School’s class of 2019 made many throughout their four years in high school and won’t be letting go of them anytime soon.

Asia Oneill:

“…Probably going to all the football games, that’s gonna be the one thing I miss the most [lol]. Going to the football games was the best and cheering the guys and girls on in the student section! I made some of my favorite memories there.”

Isabella Eddy:

“My favorite memory was my sophomore year, my grandma had just passed away, and I was not ready to go back to school for a while, but I came back the day after and I got the biggest amount of love from my peers and from the staff. It was one of the biggest blessings I’ve been given while attending West.”

Gavin Northcutt:

“Probably getting on varsity cheer! That was pretty great.”

Kyla Gordon:

“Running out into the field for the first home game of my senior year for football.”

Josiah Kephart:

“That’s a hard one. My favorite memory I guess would maybe be switching schools to West my sophomore year. There was a lot more opportunities than there was at my old school go get to know a lot more people, make more friends, participate in more exciting sporting teams (wrestling and track), and have a great art studio available to me because I’d been really interested in art for a short time prior to my sophomore year but never had the chance to get my hands on many supplies or anything. And so that gave me the ability to broaden my artistic skill set and I’m especially thankful for Mr. Ackerman for welcoming me into the art program at West.”

Sadie Smith:

“Probably going to football games and cheering in the student section with my friends.”

Haylei DeWitt:

“Making new friends over the years and making fun memories with them.”

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