Written by Mahayla Taylor

Although doctors must complete extensive training and schooling in order to get a career in their field, a lot of doctors are failing at listening to their patients, which is a large part of their jobs. This is a shortcoming I have been battling for months, and still has yet to be rectified or improved. Doctors need to be better taught how to sharpen their communication and be more attentive with  the people in their care.

This school year alone, I have seen more than seven doctors about intense abdominal pain and only two of them have listened to me when I explained my pain and discomforts. Doctors continuously give me diagnoses that contradict my symptoms, including a diagnosis of an ulcer, which lead to me taking six weeks worth of medication that I didn’t actually need.

It all began back in September, I had a stomach ache that later gravitated towards my lower right-side abdomen. The first doctor I saw claimed it could have been appendicitis, but when the pain got worse and I went to Urgent Care, I was told by another doctor that there was no way the pain could have been caused by my appendix. The next week, I went back to my doctor’s office and was scheduled to receive an x-ray. Eventually, I had accumulated appointments for two different ultrasounds, multiple blood tests, and a CT scan. Still, nobody has been able to diagnose my pain, which is greatly accredited to a lack of listening, and yet doctors continue to ignore me when I tell them my symptoms.

After about eight months of doctor visits, appointments that caused me to miss school, and many different medications that didn’t improve anything I was experiencing, I am still in pain and feeling ignored. Doctors have to learn to become better listeners and therefore they should receive more extensive training on how to interact with the people who are relying on their care.

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