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Who is Mrs. Sabine? Mrs. Sabine is the theater teacher here at West and teaches “all periods of theater and one period of adaptive P.E. and this year, luckily, we get an adaptive theater class.” Sabine has also been teaching since ‘97, which has been now 21 years, not only that she loves what she does. What she had to say about what her favorite thing about teaching, itself, was “I think when I see students and the light turns on. They finally grasped it and figures it out and I know that they are feeling successful. That’s my favorite part of teaching.” The theater program was and still is her favorite subject when she was in high school up to now. She stated that “That was my culture. That was my safe place. That was my home.” And it’s great to see a teacher who loves what they do so much and keep loving it for many years.

Some things Mrs. Sabine enjoys about West is the culture. “ [She] love[s] that when [she] walk[s] down the halls students look [her] in the eye and say hello. That’s huge and [she’s] pretty aware of [her] doing that and try not to let students walk by [her] without making sure that they’re recognized. Everybody needs to be recognized, [she] think[s] that that’s important. We just have a lot of energy here at West and [she] really like the positive energy.”

She studied technical theater at the University of Windsor, then spent some time taking some classes at the University of San Francisco, then got her masters degree at Southern Oregon University.

If Mrs. Sabine were to pick a different subject to teach it would be something different and this is what she said, “I would probably teach the Developmental Learning Class. I’ve thought about that if and when I’m tired and too strained to continue teaching teacher that that’s what I’d probably what… that’s my next passion, I think I would love to go into that field.” Not only is their a different subject that she would teach, but this is what she had to say about having a different job, “I have a gentleman who works in my theater shop. He’s my carpenter and he comes in and works with kids, he builds things all day and I would do that, I would do that for free. I want his job, I tell him every day, ‘I want your job, we need to switch and take mine’, ‘cause he’s not teaching all day, he’s being creative and building and living in that life. I admire that. That’s what I want to do. I want to do his job.” One more thing that you may not have known about Mrs. Sabine is that other than being pretty much an open book, which Breven V., is that she has a very special item that is her destresser, and that item is a baby blanket that her son used. It makes her happy and releases her stress.

Her life motto:

“Live in the moment. You’ve gotta be present. People need you to be present in every moment. Get off your cell phone.”

Sabine took the picture

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