Written by Rebecca Nash

Mrs. Couey is a West Salem High Anatomy & Physiology and Biology teacher. In fact, Biology was her favorite subject when she was in high school! She has, as she put it, been teaching science for “15 years… and counting.” As she was working towards becoming a teacher, she attended Chemeketa, Portland State University, and Western Oregon University. She loves how our school “feels like family.” For those of you who don’t know, she has a twin sister, Ms. Freshour,  working in the library; part of her family literally is here at West. Her favorite part of teaching comes from “inspiring young minds.” Enjoyment, according to her, comes from “challenging at a deeper level. I love being able to extend ideas and maybe work on misconceptions is kind of interesting to me.” However, if she could teach a different class, she would like to teach art. Outside of education, she would want to work “as a travel agent or guide– tour guide… I want to be a tour guide somehow. Make the whole journey exciting and I want to be a part of that.”

One thing that people may not know about Couey is that she worries all the time. To many of us, this is not a foreign idea. Couey explained that despite her anxiety, she “has a positive attitude. Somewhere in here (motions around her head) I worry. It makes me me.” She has taken her experiences to become who she is today. Couey says that her life motto is “today be the best you possible. It counts today– start today.”

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